5 Ways to Check the Authenticity of a Local Mover

Besides making sure that your shifting is hassle-free, you must ensure that the moving company is authentic or not. It is obvious that you will not rely on any local movers in Toronto or any city to handle all of the valuables or delicate household items while making a move. The quality of the whole shifting process depends on how genuine a company is. Considering some of the facts that can help you decide whether the mover you’re about to hire is authentic or not.


The first thing that you must check is whether the firm is registered or not. If the firm is not registered, there are chances that your belongings are not safe and in the hands of fraud. If the company is registered, it must be having a registration number under the Companies Act. You can also ask for their GST registration number if they claim that they’ve been active in the business for a long time.

Permanent Office Address

You should only put your trust in a moving company that has a permanent office address. Visiting their office and making sure that the office is not on a lease will give you the idea that the mover is authentic. All of the experienced movers have an office of their own as they are well established in the business.


An authentic mover must not ask for a large sum of money to be given in advance. The payment procedure of a genuine mover is well managed and an estimated amount is already given at the beginning itself. You must make sure that that payment is made in the favor of the company’s name and not in some individual’s name.


You must check the professionalism of the staff, check how their behavior is if they’re too desperate to be hired, or the way they’re treating their customers. A professional moving company is composed of a well-trained and experienced crew that knows how to make the shifting process smooth. All of the drivers must have a valid driving license and the required expertise to carry heavy items with ease.

Availability of insurance and contract

An authentic moving company will always offer insurance for your peace of mind as carrying out a shifting process is risky. All of the household items and goods must be covered and the policy must be read carefully. Also, a contract is signed by both parties so that everything and every detail is confirmed in the beginning. The contract holds the details about payment, stops, taxes, item inventory, and conditions.

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