Beneficial Information on Concrete Raising to Repair Sunken Concrete Slab

The sinking of concrete slab paves way for multiple difficulties. It may lead to foundation leak, ground moisture creeping in the corners of the wall and many such issues spoiling the structure of the property. It often happens when the ground underneath is disturbed.

The causes of concrete slab sinking in:

  • Soil under the concrete slab moves due to some environmental conditions. It may be due to leak in the drainage system, heavy rainfall or due to erosion.
  • Ground under the slab hasn’t been rightly filled. Spread out soil to achieve required grade level of ground is compressed creating gaps. This lead to cracks in the concrete and finally it breaks away.
  • The proportions of moisture level in the underneath soil changes. When clay soil dried up, it loses its integrity level gradually and finally leaves empty space under the slab.

What are the general issues faced due to sinking of concrete?

  • Basement becomes wet leading to formation of mildew and growth of other harmful microbes.
  • Drainage problem surfaces, thus water is accumulated in one place.
  • Cracks in the concrete are seen, leading to damages in the infrastructure of the build-up property.

Fortunately, there are numerous beneficial ways to repair the broken or sunken concrete slab and to avoid any issues in future.

Noting few of the popular remedies:

  • Poly jacking or polyurethane concrete raising method. In this method foam is used to fill up the underneath spaces leading to settling the earth problems. The components of polyurethane are mixed causing the expansion of foam to fill up every void in the sunken ground. Holes are drilled where the concrete part needs to be lifted to inject the polyurethane material to drive into the crevices.
  • Mud jacking or slab jacking method. A hole is drilled in the damaged concrete slab to inject pond sand and grout under the slab to raise it. The whole process continues for few hours to fully rise up the sunken slab. If the damage is quite big then the repairing work will take longer time to complete.

Both the methods of repairing the sunken concrete slab are cost effective compared to replacing the whole new slab with fresh batch of concrete cement. To have permanent solution contact the best services of concrete raising Houston city. It will be helpful to know more about the company credentials from their earlier clients or from the ratings posted on their advertising websites.