Everything you must know about the Wow channel line-up

Wow aims to live up to its name by providing its customers high-quality TV, Internet and phone services. Despite offering cable TV services, Wow has also introduced an IPTV service referred to as Wow TV plus. The digital TV option of Wow is delivered via the Internet Protocol service. It is fast spreading to all of the serviceable areas of Wow. Whether you wish to go for the traditional TV or for TV that can be streamed via the Internet, Wow has you covered. With Wow, you can expand your entertainment options and access all your favorite shows, movies, and channels any way you like.

Wow channel line-up

The TV channel line-up of Wow is primarily divided into three different packages. The small, medium, and large TV packages. The name of these TV packages indicates what you will get if you choose to opt for these tiers. Thus, if you only prefer to watch light TV and do not need a lot of channels, you should opt for the Wow small TV package. In this package, you will be availing content from industry giants like CBS, ABC, CW, etcetera. If you wish for slightly more diversity, then you should go for the medium TV package. The medium TV package offers an extension of the small TV package by involving some popular networks like Hallmark, Disney Channel, AMC, Comedy Central et cetera. If you love to watch TV, then you should go for the large TV package. In large TV, you will be able to avail yourself of many more premium channels like NFL Network, HBO, Big Ten Network, and many others.

The pay-per-view and on-demand options of Wow

The TV customers of Wow can avail themselves of access to thousands of on-demand titles. This can be availed if you sign up for any of Wow services, be it Wow TV plus or Wow digital TV. You can choose from many events, music, sports, titles for family, kids, etcetera. With on-demand services, you can also watch your favorite shows when you want and on your most preferred device, be it a mobile, tablet, PC, or TV. You are also allowed to fast forward, pause or rewind the show as many times as you wish. Along with free content, there are many on-demand titles available in the case of Wow. In the case of the on-demand section, once you ordered a movie, you can watch it as many times as you want within 24

hours. In pay-per-view option, you must watch it at its specific scheduled time.

Along with providing their customers with amazing cable TV Internet and phone services, Wow has also partnered with the best streaming services to offer their customers their favorite videos and shows from all over. The streaming services that Wow has partnered with are HBO Max, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and many others.

Whether you have subscribed to Wow TV or two Wow digital cable TV, you decide how you wish to watch TV. Whether you wish to watch TV on the Internet [Wow ultra] or on your PC combo tablet, a mobile device, all TV options are available via the Wow TV plus app.

The Wow HD DVR that is available with ultra can completely transform your entertainment experience. You can record any TV show and watch them on any TV device connected to the gateway of ultra. Alternatively, you can also stream your content via the ultra app on any device you own. The ultra app of Wow is currently compatible with iPhone, iTouch, iPad, or any Apple device that is running on iOS 5 or beyond. In the case of Android platforms, the ultra app is compatible with Google, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Asus, etcetera.

Not only this, if you choose to opt for the Wow TV box, you will also be able to avail yourself of a complete platform where all your favorite entertainment options are available in one single place.You need to download the Wow TV app and watch your favorite channels and shows on any TV set, either at home or outside. Wow TV plus, the app is compatible with most Android and iOS tablets and phones. Therefore, you can choose your favorite screen to stream your favorite content. Alternatively, suppose you wish to watch your favorite shows via the Internet. In that case, you can always have access to the on-demand and live content on your tablet, mobile device, and PC. All you need are the password and username of Wow.

Check out the Wow Detroit channel line-up if you live in Detroit. Having a look at the channel line-up beforehand will let you know which kind of channels will be included if you go for that particular package. Depending on that you can choose which package is best for you and your family.