Forget your stress with the best massage deals in Bangalore

A massage reduces stress levels as well as treats pain in most individuals . A full body massage can relieve pain and stiffness in the body according to medical professionals. UrbanClap offers a variety of packages and deals as well as single quick massages for men. Massages have various benefits for men such as reduced anxiety, benefits for skin, increased circulation. With just a few taps on your phone, you can better your lifestyle through massages in Bangalore and take one step closer towards living your life to the fullest.

At UrbanClap you can get the best massages in Bangalore at affordable rates with trustworthy professionals. Therefore if you’re looking for a massage to help you de-stress then mentioned below are some of the deals that are offered-

1. Package deals:

  • Head + Neck and shoulder massage- This package includes a 40 minute package massage of the Head as well as the neck and shoulder region divided as 20 minutes for the Head and 20 minutes for the neck and shoulder area. It comes at a reasonable price of Rs 499. This is a low price to pay for the expertise and the reduction of stress you will experience.
  • Head and shoulder + foot massage- A 50 minutes massage of the head a shoulder plus your feet is just what you need to reduce stress and pain in your shoulder and foot region. It is divided into 30 minutes for the head and shoulder and 20 minutes for your feet. It comes at a price of Rs 699. The masseuse will carry with him Hair Oil, Disposable towel, Scented Diffuser, Oil Warmer and Candles.

2. Massages:

  • Full Body Oil Massage (60 minutes)- You may choose either a ‘Swedish massage’ or a ‘deep tissue massage’ both of varying intensities. It comes at a price of Rs 1199 which is reasonable for the benefits that it offers which include increased blood circulation, reduced muscle fatigue and pain and reduced stress and anxiety. The oils that are used include Lemon Verbana & Green Tea Refreshing Oil. The therapist that is offered carries their own Spa Bed ,Essential oils, Disposable bedsheet ,Disposable towel ,Disposable brief , Disposable napkin , Scented Diffuser ,Oil Warmer and Candles.
  • Full body oil massage (90 minutes)- This includes the same benefits as the above massage deal however it is for 90 minutes which is more beneficial. This is recommended to avail the full benefits of the Swedish as well as the deep tissue massage both of which are offered with this massage for a price of Rs 1499.

3. The massages provided by UrbanClap also offer Add-Ons that include:

  • Head massage: For a low price of just Rs 299, this massage last for 20 minutes. The intensity of this massage can range from medium to high intensity. Even though it lasts for a short time, it offers a multitude of benefits such as relieving stress and relieving headaches. The therapist uses organic coconut oil of the highest quality.
  • Neck and shoulder massage- This massage lasts for 20 minutes and only costs Rs 399. It offers a variety of benefits such as treating muscle knots and reducing shoulder pain. The pressure can be adjusted anywhere from medium to high. This massage is highly recommended for those who have little time but still need to de-stress.
  • Foot massage- For just Rs 499, you get a state of the art foot massage for 20 minutes that helps you reduce foot pain as well as treat imbalance. The oils used include-Refreshing Lemon Verbena & Green Tea Oil, Therapeutic Clove, Eucalyptus & Basil Oil.

The main purpose of getting massage therapy is to reduce stress as well as treat any other pain through organic and herbal methods to live your life more comfortably. Your wishes will be fulfilled through any of the massage deals mentioned above.