Here’s how to catch ALL NFL games with a VPN

We might have just three weeks left to the end of the NFL games, but the action is far from over.

All games in these last weeks have the tendency to be as interesting as they can be. Afterall, everyone would put in their all to ensure they grab all the spoils to themselves. Those that cannot aim for all the glory will settle for some of the spoils, and these last few weeks are crucial to their fight too.

No matter how you look at it, these are the games you must not miss, even if you had been missing all the others.

Why would you even miss the NFL games?

We know that it is sometimes not your fault.

Some of the NFL enthusiast are living outside of the US, and the game isn’t usually allowed to be streamed to other markets. Some are even US residents who have a team they are following but won’t be able to watch because they are not in the States as at the time of the games.

Speaking of those in the US, cord cutters are almost guaranteed no access to the game. That is not fair given the high costs of keeping cable running just for the purpose of viewing the NFL. Even if you had cable though, you would still have to deal with blackouts from time to time, depending on how fast local games sell out.

Combined, or in part, these can make for a poor viewing experience. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be so.

Streaming the games with a VPN is the key

You must have tried other possible solutions that didn’t work. We guess that’s because you haven’t tried this one out before. There is also a reason why VPN works, and works well too. For example:

  • A VPN allows you change your IP address from your physical location. You can thus watch the games from other countries like you were in the US
  • The fact that a VPN changes your location helps you escape content blackouts. You can just connect to another location where the game is being broadcasted and you’ll be fine
  • You also get to enjoy the NFL games on supported streaming platforms without the need to keep your cable running, saving you costs on that end.

Getting your NFL game pass

If you plan to stream ALL of the NFL games without using cable, and from anywhere in the world too, you would have to get a game pass. For those in the US, we don’t recommend purchasing the local game pass.

Even though it allows you stream the content as you like, you would not be able to stream games played during the regular season live. You would only be catching the action after it is done. Likewise, the local game pass will leave you subjected to blackouts at certain times.

The way around this is by getting an international game pass instead. To do so:

  • Get your NFL VPN
  • Connect to a server location in a country of your choice. You can check out the different countries offering NFL game passes here.
  • Buy from that country
  • Enjoy all the games without restrictions.

The good thing about international game passes is that you can get it at different prices from different countries. Make sure you go for the one that offers you the best price or best connectivity option, depending on what you’re looking for.

Wrap Up

Just as we promised, you never have to miss any other NFL game. Fire up your VPN and start making moves towards making that a reality.