How to Choose the Best Health Insurance

Health Insurance is the best bet when it comes to financial help against any critical conditions which a person may face. It really comes in as a savior in times of crucial and sudden illnesses which would require hospitalization for constant health check-ups. And given the times in which we live, there are so many illnesses and diseases being discovered with each passing year, it has become of utmost importance to get oneself insured for the best health insurance available.

The question now arises is that how should one go about choosing the best health insurance. Well, the process is pretty simple. With so many websites available to assist us and so much information available online, people do not have to depend on any agents to help them out in this scenario. It is indeed very much feasible and convenient to get signed up for a health policy on one’s own. When choosing the best health insurance, comparison is the key. Every person has different sets of issues which he looks to resolve by the policy he buys. Besides, the companies also have different offers and plans on their policies. These should be looked in to with a keen eye. With all details at hand and after ensuring the offers by the company, one must go for the policy which suits his requirements the best.

Even though most of the health insurance plans might seem like an  expensive investment, one should keep in mind is whether or not, it meets the requirements he has enrolled for. Some policies have lesser premiums and some provide a good cover on illnesses. However, these comparisons should be carefully scrutinized and then concluded on.

Most Popular Health Insurance

What makes an insurance company popular is not defined by any single attribute. There are many features which lead to making it a popular one. Let us discuss them in the following list:

  • Incurred claim ratio: The higher the incurred claim ratio for a given fiscal year, better is the company’s position in the market, thereby leading it to become a popular one.
  • Customer satisfaction and benefits: Companies offering insurances to all age groups alike tend to keep the customer’s satisfaction higher. Others have some great offers and benefits for a particular age group because of these amazing advantages, they become one of the best health insurances.
  • Full cover in Emergency: There are some few companies which offer full coverage in case of emergency and they are unsurprisingly popular. From hospitalization to room charges and to covering ambulance charges to some extent make them stand out from the crowd.
  • Wide range of products and no medical tests: Some policies have a wide range of insurance products and demand no medical tests before offering the policy; as is the case with most of the companies which have a mandatory pre-policy medical check-up and tests.

Based on these few points, it is easy to compare and select the best health insurance.

Interesting Facts about Health Insurance

Apart from the information shared already in this post, there are some interesting facts about the health insurance which are described in the following:

  • Claims at the Non-networked hospital are possible: A general misconception is that claims can be made only when the treatment has been done at the listed hospitals in the policy. However, the opposite is true which is that the claims can be done at other hospitals also.
  • Claims for Home-treatments available: Some companies offer claims even for treatments done at home. Though this facility was not available in older times, today’s times have given rise to the availability of claims for home treatments as well.
  • Insurance recharge: There are some companies which provide the facility of recharging the amount of the sum insured for the remainder of the year which has been used up.
  • No pre-policy check-ups: Some companies provide health insurance without the person having to do the pre-policy check-ups, blood tests, etc.
  • Non-allopathic treatments covered: In recent developments by the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India, other forms of treatment like Ayurvedic, Unani, and Homoeopathy have also been covered by some companies.
  • Maternity Expenses covered: Maternity expenses are one of the major expenses in one’s life and it is covered end-to-end by some companies which is like a major boost to the insurer.
  • Claims covered across the world: In some rare companies, there are claims provided even across the world. Though there are very few companies which offer this facility, but still it is like a major advantage for the people frequently traveling or are residing in other countries.

These were some of the lesser known but interesting facts about the health insurance. Choosing the best health insurance has become easy with; comparing and having a clear vision about your requirements will only help the process of buying the best health insurance.