Important Organic Compounds and Their Uses

Organic compounds are chemical compounds which have at least one carbon atom in each molecule. They have a wide range of applications in the daily lives of human beings, including in pharmaceuticals, food, fuels, and antiseptics. Some compounds are quite useful in the laboratory, and hence are important in Organic Chemistry. Given below is a list of some Important Organic Compounds and Their Uses.


Methane is used in many industrial chemical processes. It is the principal component of natural gas. It is also used as a fuel to provide energy to water heaters and automobiles. Activated carbon is generally employed for the storage of methane.


Polythene is the most common form of plastic used by humans. It is highly useful in the packaging of products in forms such as bags, bottles, and containers. The overuse of this chemical compound has many adverse effects on the environment, especially on marine life.


Butane has many uses including its use as a fuel gas, for gasoline blending, in the manufacture of ethylene, and as a fragrance extraction solvent.  Butane can be used as a lighter fuel and sees a lot of use in cigarette lighters and butane torches. Isobutane is an isomer of butane with the same chemical formula but a different atomic structure and is used as a refrigerant.

There are many more useful chemical compounds in organic chemistry. You can learn more about the different types of carbon compounds here: