Interesting Facts to Know About Men’s to Women’s Shoe Sizes

It is important to note that if an average of men and women of the same age were put together and had their feet measured, the men would have got more comprehensive and extended feet than the ladies. It is natural so that human beings can do nothing about it. Therefore, when it comes to the numbering of shoes to sizes, the male shoes usually have a 1.5 size difference from the ladies.

It is explained by the natural difference in feet sizes for ladies and men of the same age. A shoe number 5 for a man will be categorized as size number 6.5 for a lady. Therefore, it is evident that there is a difference between men’s and women’s shoe sizes. It is also better to note that it is the shoe size associated with being bigger in men than in women and other parts, including the brain.

However, for as much as the difference in shoe sizes between a man and a woman can be astonishing, there are several other interesting facts about the men’s to women’s shoe size that the public should know. Below are some of the most amazing ones.

Men’s Shoes Are Mostly Heavier Than Those of Ladies

It is natural to find that a man is much more muscular than a lady in terms of muscle mass. It is because, at most times, men are the ones who do the heavy-duty work as compared to the ladies. However, it is not why men’s shoes are found to be heaviest, but it is mainly to do with the ability of the shoe to sustain the weight of the person wearing it. Since men are naturally heavier than ladies, their shoe soles are a little thicker than those to withstand much friction. Failure to do so, the men would be replacing their shoes much more frequently than the ladies.

Another reason the men’s shoes are heavier than the Mens to Womens shoe size is that the man has a broader and longer foot than a lady. It is why there is a 1.5 difference in the shoe size compared to that of a woman. To facilitate the broader feet, men will have to bear an extra weight on their shoes than the ladies who have a smaller foot; hence, their shoes require fewer materials to assemble.

Men Prefer Functionality Women Prefer the Style

Men’s shoes are usually more specific on what they should wear and where to wear them, unlike the ladies who focus more on what looks best on them. An example of the shoes is the safety boots worn by people working in industrial environments and require feet protection. Although women also work in such sites, the fact that men are the dominant ones in the sector is proven by just how manly the designs of the safety boots are compared to how the ladies would have wanted them. It is rare to find a safety boot explicitly designed for the ladies unless custom-made.

Another clear indicator that men are more functional and women for style is when it comes to sportswear. The men are the dominant ambassadors to sport shoe brands compared to the style-dominated brands that have the ladies as their sex of preference.

Men Are Less Sensitive to Shoe Color Than Ladies

People say that men are more colorblind as compared to ladies. Although partially true, the correct way to phrase the fact would be to say that women are more color sensitive than men. When looking at a man’s wardrobe, the type of shoes one is likely to find are likely to be of similar color, or almost identical color, unlike that of ladies, which is expected to have rainbows of shoes ranging from designer to another. It backs up the fact that ladies are much more interested in color details intricately compared to how a man can have done it. Even though men would have shoes of different types and by other designers, they would almost have similar colors.