Passing That Drug Test: Worried about CBD?

“CBD or Cannabidiol, what is that?” you’re probably asking yourself when asked about marijuana. You’ve heard the name but aren’t too sure what it means and if it’s even legal in your state to take it. The only way to find out is to find out exactly how it is tested and how it can affect your chances of getting a drug test. Luckily for us, we don’t have to worry about that because CBD has been found to be a great help for people who are taking marijuana.

So now that you know what the name of the drug is and what it does, how come you’re still worried about CBD’s detectibility? It seems that no matter how many resources you find about potencies of different strains, there is no perfect answer to the question, “Can I pass that drug test!” That’s because all of those tests involve determining the amount of active ingredients that are contained in a certain strain of marijuana. While the government makes it clear that marijuana use is not acceptable, they also say that anyone caught is subject to fines, jail time, and even rehabilitation.

Even so, not even the government can make any guarantees. While they say that they can keep in track of potency levels, it can be easy for people to grow their own marijuana with little more than a pencil and paper. With this said, it is quite possible that you may be taking a false positive when doing your research. Just because your results came back saying you didn’t smoke marijuana doesn’t mean that you didn’t! In fact, the results could mean that you smoked something other than pot.

This is why you need to be extremely careful when deciding to start taking supplements or herbs. The only real way of knowing how they will affect you is by trying them. There are too many things that can affect our health in such a small space to simply rely on a pill to cure us. The same is true when you decide to take herbs to help pass that drug test!

In addition to having a good idea of whether or not you may be violating the law by using illegal substances, you should also keep in mind that you may be violating your rights as well. If you were pulled over and a search is performed on you, there is a chance that the officer will find evidence that you are using illegal drugs. You don’t want this to happen, but since it is against the law, there is nothing you can do to prevent it.