Types of Pallet Rack Protectors and Their Purposes

Warehouses are usually prone to accidents resulting from storage. Pallet rack protectors can be very useful in preventing the occurrence of such accidents. Every storage system usually requires these products for various purposes. When installed the pallet rack protectors help to stop goods kept on load levels from falling over or collapsing, prevent any falls that occur in areas of transit or working spaces, and finally curb any effects that result when handled equipment bumps into racks during navigation. Occupational hazards especially for workers in warehouses can therefore be mitigated by improving the rack safety situation.

Types of Pallet Rack Guards

Different types of pallet rack protectors can be used depending on the warehouse design. Most people however prefer to select a pallet rack guard type before designing their storage house to ensure efficiency. Additionally, the pallet rack guards are replaceable and affordable hence help to ensure that the items in storage are protected from accidents and also maintain the integrity of the goods. Below are some of the types of pallet rack guards.

  • For offset handling collisions between equipment

These types of pallet rack protectors are designed to absorb any impact from other elements in the structure to ensure the product’s integrity is maintained. They include side protectors which as created to protect the lower lateral sections and are always installed at the end of the frames of the pallet rack. There are placed in positions that are the most likely to get great impact and on pallet racks located in places with impact potentials such as in tunnels, aisle intersections, and dispatch areas.  The second type is the upright and frame protectors. These types of pallet rack guards are installed on the floor and the upright parts of the pallet rack. They are also placed in areas of the rack that are most likely to be impacted, usually 16 inches high from the floor level.

  • For safety protection during load landing

One of the most common activities in a warehouse is the deposition and extraction of loads from the pallet ranks. These two processes always involved several warehouse risks hence the need for pallet rack protection. The most outstanding elements of the pallet rack are the most protected in such cases. Fall protection and aisle-protection mesh is an important pallet rack guard in such processes. This type of pallet rack protection is mostly installed on the back part of the rack and the transit areas. They act as industrial enclosures that prevent the collapse of goods. Secondly, the pallet positioning profile is also needed to help the pallet racks movers make stops when being racked. Such pallet rack guards can resist any pallet thrusts.

  • Structural enforcement that prevents load collapse

The structure enforcement pallet rack protectors can also be included in components that ensure the structural load support is strengthened. They offer additional stability but have a level of load limits. The reinforcement cross ties for pallets are installed to prevent the collapsing of pallets by being arranged perpendicularly to the beams. Secondly, the bracing is also used to enhance the longitudinal stability of pallet racks. They are metal profiles that look like frames and are placed longitudinally and vertically.


Proper installation of pallet rack protectors is important to help ensure maximum safety and prevent accidents in a warehouse. Furthermore, you should be able to know how to allocate the appropriate type of pallet rack protector to the right surface. This helps to ensure that the storage system is flexible, safe, and functional.