Unique Museums To Visit In Auckland

You want to take a different kind of New Zealand trip this year. You know it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, brimming with exciting adventures and adrenaline-pumping activities. But for this year, you want to see a different side of New Zealand; the side that showcases the country’s art, culture and history. This 2018, why not start with visiting Auckland’s unique museums? Hire a campervan and just drive to these places? If you have not yet scored a campervan hire New Zealand has several reliable rental places you can check out.

The great thing about museums in New Zealand – not just in Auckland, mind you – is that every one of them has a story of their own, and they have a unique way of sharing that story to their visitors. So what are you waiting for? Take down notes and make sure you visit these museums on your upcoming road trip to Auckland.

  • Auckland War Museum – The first thing that sets this museum apart is you can find it in one of the oldest parks in Auckland. The Auckland War Museum is also home to a majestic collection of historical relics and antiquities that perfectly showcase the country’s heritage and traditions. The Auckland War Museum was built in 1929 as a way to appease the demands of locals to build a site that pays respect to the lost lives during World War 1. And up to this day, the museum’s celebration of ANZAC Day memorial is one of the country’s highly respected traditions.
  • New Zealand Maritime Museum – Did you know that Auckland is lovingly nicknamed by the locals as “City of Sails”? You didn’t? Well, you learn something new every day. And if you are a lover of the seas, you will be delighted with a visit to the New Zealand Maritime Museum. The museum is a treasure trove of nautical memorabilia and maritime exhibits, from the past to the present. You can walk through exhibits of ancient vessels from the Maori, to World War 1 warships and yes, even racing yachts used in the American Cup. But by far the biggest treat for all you nautical enthusiasts is the regular sailing activities around Waitemata Harbour, organized by the museum. The sailing is a great way for first time and returning visitors to get a unique glimpse into New Zealand’s maritime history and heritage vessels.
  • Toi O Tamaki (Auckland Art Gallery) – Auckland Art Gallery is the biggest and most awe-inspiring visual arts gallery in the country. It certainly has the biggest art collection, with more than 15,000 art works in display. Exhibitions include historic, contemporary and modern art by Pacific Islanders and Maori artists. The gallery is also home to some of the most inspiring European sculptures and paintings. Founded in 1888, the gallery was established as a response to requests from Aucklanders for a municipal art and sculpture collection.
  •  Museum Of Transport And Technology – Located in Western Springs, Auckland, the Museum of Transport And Technology or MOTAT as locals call it, will definitely bring out your inner 9-year old love of aeronautics. The museum is home to a massive collection of military and civilian aircraft as well as land based vehicles. The great thing about MOTAT is that the restoration and conservation of the exhibits are mostly managed by volunteer workers.

There is more to New Zealand than bungee jumping, white water rafting, hiking and mountain climbing. The country is beautiful in a hundred ways. And this year, why not explore this other side of New Zealand’s beauty? Visit museums, join historic tours, check out art exhibits. You will find that it is an equally satisfying and memorable road trip to Auckland as any.