Urgent business in Delhi? Book your bus from Chandigarh

Delhi is probably one of the greatest hubs for business, jobs, art, and science in North India. Given the importance of Delhi in the world of politics as well, it is not surprising that a lot of people would be traveling to Delhi. Chandigarh, being a large city with a sizeable population and pretty close to Delhi itself, is sure to have a lot of people traveling to Delhi for various reasons including education, business, jobs, judicial requirements and several others which cannot be encompassed by a single term or word.

However, one thing that is common to all travelers is that the best way to travel from Chandigarh to Delhi is via bus. The distance is not very large and only takes slightly more than 5 hours. Due to the great comfort offered by buses coupled with the low cost of the fare, it is fair to say that Chandigarh to Delhi bus booking is the best way for you to travel.

Given below are a few of the best ways for you to travel to Delhi from Chandigarh:

1.     Go To Sector-17 ISBT

One of the best ways to travel from Chandigarh to Delhi in the bus is to go the Chandigarh ISBT in Sector-17. There, you will find several different platforms for buses from various states. Among them, you can find buses to Delhi on the Delhi platform to get direct buses to Delhi.

This is one of the easiest ways to get the tickets since these are the buses owned y the Roadways of that particular state and hence are under Government control. For this reason, they are very safe, punctual and sure to provide you whatever you have signed up for. Hence bus tickets booking is very convenient.

They will also stop at good eateries on the way so that you can have rest and take food on the way.

2.     Opt for Volvo Buses:

These Volvo buses are the most comfortable with good AC. The services normally included in the trip are a bottle of water and a blanket. They will also provide you the comfort of newspapers, DVD screens, laptop chargers on each row so that you can catch up on your work or entertainment when you are traveling and unparalleled comfort.

. However, if you are not confident about the service, there are several stalls in the ISBT itself where you can purchase branded mineral water and other snacks like chips or packaged items at MRP itself.

This gives you the liberty to take care of your travel food etc. without having to worry about various stops in between. The buses from here will take you directly to Kashmiri Gate ISBT which is at a very accessible point in Delhi and has connectivity to other parts by taxi, bus, and Metro also. This is very important because most buses from Chandigarh to Delhi will start at night and drop you at Delhi early in the morning. At this time, it is very important to be in a place with good connectivity or else you might find it difficult to arrange transportation and even if you get it, it might be very expensive.

3.     Best to Book Tickets Online:

If you decide to travel from Chandigarh to Delhi via Volvo bus, make sure to book tickets online form the Haryana Roadways website. This is because out of 49 seats per bus, you can book 32 seats online but only 17 seats on the counter. The tickets are priced at Rs. 575 which is very reasonable for a journey of about 250 kilometers and 5 hours.

It is advisable to come to the ISBT with a printout of tickets about 15 minutes before the bus starts so that you can be prepared for various contingencies like the inability to find the platform, unforeseen traffic etc.

4.     Don’t Prefer Private Buses:

If you take other private transport buses, there can be several issues involved in the process. Firstly, the prices will be higher than normal state transport buses for the same features. Even if they are providing competitive price, they will surely try to compromise on some features since they cannot match Government rates without all these tactics.

Secondly, their pickup points may be far off from the city and take you a lot of time and money to reach there. There is no point in wasting two hours of time traveling to a pickup point for a 5-hour journey.

Thirdly, they will never adhere to a proper timetable since they have to wait for passengers to board them or they will lose a lot of revenue. Therefore, your drop-off time will also suffer. You will never be sure where they will drop you since if they are late, they can drop you on the other side of the city to avoid traffic and other penalties. Hence, this is the safest and cheapest option for you.


If you follow the above tips, you can be sure of a safe and punctual journey from Chandigarh to Delhi, since safety and comfort are of paramount importance. The tips given above make sure your journey is economical as well as takes care of the travel before boarding and after getting down from the bus.