What are the Advantages of CNG Over Other Fuel Types?

During our childhood, we dream of owning our vehicles. As we grow up, we work hard to turn our dreams into a reality. We begin saving up and looking through the different options available for us. After a considerable amount of research into the different types of cars available, we find the one that matches our requirements and excites the child in us.

However, our responsibility towards our car does not end with the purchase. If you’ve purchased a car, you will have to ensure that it stays protected from unprecedented dangers on the road. One of the most optimal ways of protecting your four-wheeler is by getting a suitable insurance plan for your car.

In India, you can either have third-party car insurance or a comprehensive car insurance plan for your vehicle. As per the IRDAI, getting third-party car insurance is a legal compulsion. However, the third-party car insurance coverage will only protect third parties. Therefore, if you wish to get insurance coverage for your vehicle, comprehensive car insurance is a suitable option.

To help customers buy car insurance, many insurers like Tata AIG have started offering car insurance online. You can compare the plans available with an online purchase and make a suitable option. You can also raise a car insurance claim through your insurer’s website these days.

Like the options for four-wheeler insurance, you also get the option to select the fuel type for your vehicle. Out of the different options available, most individuals have started opting for CNG instead of traditional options like diesel and petrol. If you want to learn how CNG is a better fuel than petrol and diesel in vehicles, you must learn its advantages.

Advantages of CNG Over Other Types of Fuel

Here are some benefits CNG offers over other types of fuel:

  1. Cost: CNG is an affordable alternative compared to other expensive fuel types like diesel and petrol. Over the years, the usage of CNG as a fuel has increased. Along with this, several technological advancements in automobiles have helped car manufacturers launch vehicles that function efficiently with CNG. As a result, several individuals looking for affordable fuel options for their vehicles have begun opting for CNG over the past few years.
  2. Optimal for a car’s engine: CNG is considered among the cleanest fuel types for a vehicle’s engine. This is because CNG leaves a minimal amount of residue compared to other fuel types like diesel or petrol. In addition, the minimal amount of residue causes minimal damages to the tubes and pipes of the engine.

Consequently, the engine’s functionality improves and its lifespan increases. Low contamination also ensures that your car does not face any mechanical issues, and this way, your trips to the service centre are lessened.

  1. Environment friendly: Different fuel types like diesel and petrol emit many harmful gases into the environment. These gasses hurt the environment, and it has been observed that these gasses have increased the rate of global warming. Also, inhaling the air filled with these gases leads to several health issues like asthma, bronchitis, etc.

As per the latest research, it was noted that carbon monoxide is the main component of the harmful gasses emitted. The emission of this gas is lowered by 80% for the vehicles running on CNG. Along with this, CNG-based vehicles also produce 45% lesser hydrocarbons than other fuel types. Therefore, as more and more individuals move to CNG, the total amount of harmful gas emissions will reduce and positively impact the environment.

  1. Safety: As CNG is in a gaseous form, it smoothly disperses if there is a leak and it does not spill and stay in your car, which may create a fire hazard. CNG is lighter than air, and if it begins to leak, it will move away from your vehicle. The CNG cylinder is also stronger than a petrol tank. The ignition point of CNG is approximately 540 °C, which is almost double the ignition point of diesel or petrol. Therefore, there is a very small probability of the gas-burning up if there is a leak. This makes it a safe option compared to other fuel types.
  2. Low costs of maintenance: Keeping the car functional and getting it serviced are among the most crucial processes. There are many benefits to maintaining your car regularly. But, if you have to get your car serviced regularly, it may become a bit expensive for you. On the other hand, if your vehicle has a CNG kit, the engine’s lifespan increases since the fuel low motor oil contamination. This prolongs the vehicle’s life, and your need for oil changes and tune-ups also reduces.


With CNG, you get a wide range of benefits. You also lower the emission of harmful gases in the atmosphere at an affordable cost. Along with this, CNG is also a suitable choice for your engine’s life as it leaves very minimal residue in the engine. Therefore, opting for CNG cars in India can be quite beneficial for you compared to other fuel types like petrol and diesel. However, you must ensure you maintain the CNG kit in your vehicle properly for optimal results.