What is a CNC Router Machine?

Also called a computer numerical control router, a CNC Router Machine is a computer-controlled appliance used to cut through and carve out hard materials such as aluminum, plastic, and wood.

CNC routers come with different configurations, from small handmade routers to huge commercial CNC routers.

Irrespective of these varying configurations, the machines feature specific parts that are important in the optimum functioning of these machines:

  • Dedicated CNC controller
  • A workplace table or bed
  • Linear gears
  • Spindle motors
  • Stepper or servo motors
  • Servo amplifiers
  • Ball screws
  • AC inverter frequency driver

Moreover, to hold the components in place for carving or cutting, the routers might come with vacuum pumps with grid tables or t-slot holds down the fixtures. Let’s look at the types of CNC router machines.

Types of CNC Router Machines

When researching to buy the best machine for your needs, it is vital to pay attention to different types of CNC router machines.

The first step for selecting the proper CNC router machine is knowing the needs of your industry and the processing materials that you’ll be working on. For instance, if you want to buy a wood CNC engraving machine on stone, it won’t work at all.

CNC Wood Routers

CNC wood router machine is made for wood carving and cutting. It is used to make products like wooden doors, tables, chairs, office furniture, panels, cabinets, musical instruments, and also solid wood furniture. These materials are ideal for this kind of processing: solid wood, wood substitutes, and plates.

ACT CNC Routers

This machine is designed with automatic change equipment such that it is used to do different activities like automatic engraving, cutting, drilling, sanding, milling, polishing hardwood, grooving, cork, plywood, solid wood, foam, ceramic, plastic, MDF, acrylic, ACM, glass, copper, PVC, aluminum, brass and different soft metals.

Multi-spindle CNC Router

For the multi-spindle CNC router, each machine head is independent and works synchronously or separately. You can adjust the space between the spindles. That means when you want to spindle to occupy a working table, you can adjust and extend it outwards. You can also change the number of router heads to three or even four pieces. The multi-head CNC router machine tends to be more efficient than the common CNC router, and you can adjust it to work on a wide panel.

Nesting CNC Routers

This is a gantry machining center made for the nesting application of wood-based materials. However, it can be used in non-ferrous and plastic-based materials.

Form CNC Milling Machine

This kind of CNC router is used primarily for foam production of automotive interiors, engineering plastic materials, automotive stamping molds, and casting wood molds. It can be used in other non-metal processing as well. The materials used include form thermoplastic, polystyrene, and resin materials.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

This cutting machine is used for making aluminum plates, galvanized plates, iron plates, white steel plates, titanium gold plates, and steel plates.

Stone CNC Router Machines

The advertising router machine is used for making 3D characters, badges, letters, crystal characters, and badges. The materials used are aluminum-plastic boards, PVC, and aluminum. They come in two types.

Mimi CNC Router

This router has features like operating at the highest speed, high precision, and high-quality performance. They use a ball screw to operate. It transforms rotary moves to linear moves, thus less resistant to friction. The router is small in size to let you enjoy low maintenance expenses, durability, easier installation, and strong construction. You can also use the router to cut foams, wood, plastic, PVC, aluminum, and MDF.

Basic CNC Router Machine

This machine can process different materials such as MDF, wood, acrylic, PVC, copper, and aluminum. This is a system-controlled engraving and cutting machine. A basic CNC router is used to make different items like door carvings, exterior and interior decorations, musical instruments, signboards, furniture, and many more.

Once you choose the best CNC router for your needs, you need to make sure it works efficiently and reliably. The best way to achieve this is by following the manufacturer’s guide and recommendation.