Why should a student choose MOMA Scholarship?

Scholarships have always been a useful resource for students belonging to any caste, creed or category. Out of the hundreds of scholarships that are being offered by the central government, state government or any private organization, MOMA scholarship forms the most crucial part of the bigger picture. Introduced especially for the advantage of minority community students, a large number of scholarships are being disbursed under this scheme.

What is the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear about these scholarships? What will be the award money that you can get? Whether you can apply for the scholarship or not?  Where can you apply for this scholarship? Of course, being a student, these thoughts are obvious to occur in your mind. And as a matter of fact, I also had such thoughts earlier that led me to stringent research about the vast realm of scholarships.

Types of MOMA scholarships

So here I am, all set to help you out in unveiling every aspect of the MOMA scholarship scheme. The scheme includes three major scholarships for minority community students namely,

This scholarship is applicable for students of class 1 to 10 offering financial assistance in the form of tuition fee, admission fee and maintenance allowance. What best can you avail with this scholarship? If you are a school student and fulfil its eligibility criteria, you can definitely grab this opportunity for your convenient school education.

Similar to the pre-matric scholarship, the post matric scholarship covers your admission fee, tuition fee and the maintenance allowance. The only difference is that this scholarship is applicable for students of class 11 to PhD level. Under this scholarship, you can stand a chance to win scholarships up to INR 20,000. This can further help you pursue your higher studies with ease.

This is a special scholarship for students seeking education at graduation or post graduation level. The students who come under the eligibility criteria of this scholarship will stand a chance to win maintenance allowance and course fee. Though the scheme has been introduced by the central government, it is implemented or disbursed through respective state governments.

Other scholarship opportunities to explore

Now before you get into any further conclusion that only these scholarships are available, I would also like to draw your attention towards different state level scholarships that you can also look up for:

  • Bihar scholarship: If you are a domicile of Bihar state, you can look up for scholarships like Post Matric scholarship for SC/ST/OBC students, Bihar Talent Search Examination (BTSE) etc.
  • MP scholarship: For the permanent residents of Madhya Pradesh, the MP scholarship portal offers scholarships like MukhyamantriMedhaviVidyarthi Yojana, Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for OBC students etc.
  • Delhi scholarship: The scholarships introduced by Delhi state government are Merit scholarship for SC/ST/OBC/Minority students, Pre and Post Matric Scholarship for OBC students, Financial assistance to SC/ST/OBC/Minority students and more.
  • Assam scholarship: If you belong to Assam, you can look up for exclusive scholarships like Means cum Merit Scholarship, Assam Foundation of North America Akadamics Scholarship, Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme for Central Armed Police Forces & Assam Rifles etc.
  • Jammu & Kashmir scholarship: Adding on to this huge list of state-wise scholarships, Jammu and Kashmir government also offers scholarships like Prime Minister Special Scholarship Scheme (PMSSS).

These are few suggestions from my side. You can explore more such scholarships and other states scholarships on this excellent scholarship platform named Buddy4Study. It is the most informative and noteworthy website offering information about all types of scholarships that are available for Indian students.