5 minutes, 1 shopping app, 1 superb dress…

Have just a few minutes on hand and need to buy a pretty dress for an upcoming event? We’ve got your back.

It’s the middle of a busy work day, and you must find the time to buy a dress for an upcoming event. But you are swamped with work, and there is little chance of you being able to leave your desk to go shopping.

But who says you need to leave your desk at all to shop? Try online dress shopping on your smartphone instead.

What you need…

  • About five minutes at hand
  • A good shopping app on your phone
  • A fair idea of the kind of dress you’re looking for.

Now let’s start shopping quickly.

* Install a good shopping app on your smartphone.

If you haven’t done so already, start by installing a good shopping app on your smartphone. You can find leading shopping apps on Google Play Store for Android and iTunes on the iPhone, for free. It takes only a few seconds to install the app on your phone.

* Browse for the kind of dress you want to buy.

Now that the shopping app is installed on your phone, it is ready for immediate use. Click on the app icon. On the home page, you will find a menu which lists all the product categories for men, women and children. Select the most suitable category and under this, you will find a drop down menu for clothing, accessories, beauty and skin care, etc. Click on ‘Dresses’ to find a wide variety of the latest styles being featured on the app. There will also be helpful filters alongside, for price range, fabric, colour and fit. Keep refining your search rapidly to get a page of the kind of dress you are looking for.

* Look for offers and deals on your purchase.

Online dress shopping is all about saving time and money. Leading fashion apps feature regular discounts and deals on almost all products. You can check for promo codes, or redeem any accumulated cash back points, or also any cash that the app has added to your online wallet. Basically, you have the option of getting a really great bargain when you go online dress shopping.

* Buy matching accessories.

Now that you are done with online dress shopping, it is time to complete your look with matching jewellery, underwear, the right shoes and handbag/clutch, perfume, make-up, etc. Leading shopping apps also feature a bevy of skin and hair care products, but you could leave off shopping for these if you really don’t have the time at the moment.

* Checkout and pay.

Your shopping bag is loaded and ready to be paid for. Proceed to pay using your credit/debit card, or by COD (Cash On Delivery) or the Net Banking option.

That’s it – you’ve just completed online dress shopping in just five minutes! Wasn’t that fun?