Tips To Maintain Your Green Lawn

After a long tiring day at work, one thing that unwinds you is the thought of your beautiful home. The cup of coffee outside on the lawn takes away all the worries. The best way to maintain these lawns is to ensure that your in-ground sprinkler system is working well. If your luscious green lawn is getting dead spots, then it is time for sprinkler service. To ensure the garden’s beauty in the house, or ample grounds of the park, or the beautiful green lawn outside your office, you need to maintain the ground’s irrigation system. Many agencies provide sprinkler service for both commercials as well as home sprinkler services.

Services offered by the Sprinkler service provider:

To make our life easy, it is always better to take help from a professional. Let us see the assistance given by them for maintenance of the sprinklers-

  • During the weather change, the sprinkler start-up matters a lot; they check that the system is finely tuned and is working correctly.
  • If you want to maintain a lawn, it is essential to water it at the right time of the day; if the water is given when very hot will have minimal effect. So the technician sets the timer to the right time for your area.
  • If any of the systems need repair or adjustments before setting up, the technician will check that it works properly.
  • Automatic sprinkler systems need to be checked timely after they set off course and even just stop working. The technician resets the automated sprinkler system to make it work properly again.
  • The agencies give sprinkler repair service during the in-season as timely maintenance is needed to run correctly.
  • Some agencies specialize in valve repair services that include fixing the valve and pipe leaks, repair clogged sprinklers and obstructed sprinklers, fixing incorrectly placed sprinklers. They have a separate team for repairing valves.
  • Sprinkler blowout services are provided, which is very important to maintain your sprinklers in the long winters. It is essential to ensure that your irrigation pipes do not bust open once the weather starts to warm up.
  • The technicians make sure that the water is removed from the pipes. Otherwise, it damages the line as it will freeze in the cold season.

Many agencies are offering these services at a cost. Let’s check out the cost of getting repair work done to your sprinkler.

What is the cheapest way to service a sprinkler?

The cheapest and the best way for sprinkler service is to call a professional as soon as you notice a problem with the sprinkler or any of the following issues occur-

  • You notice a broken or damaged part of the sprinkler.
  • You can spot dry spots on your lawn.
  • There are areas which are not working.
  • You can see water bubbling around heads
  • Your equipment is more than 20 years old.

By calling a technician, you are saving up on further damages to your sprinkler.


There are different contracts of the agencies with nominal rates. The sprinkler service charges will vary according to the damage done to the various parts of the sprinkler. To save your yard, get a timely sprinkler service done.